About Our Team.

Let us become your trusted partner for a high-end experience!


No one knows Italy better than the people who live in: us.
Therefore, from coordinating your travel and accommodation, to providing you with the most exclusive services, we have you covered in creating the most memorable Italian experience.

Our team will let you discover all the hidden gems of this wonderful country and spoil you with sumptuous hotels and castles, luxury spas, exquisite dinners with Michelin awarded chefs, helicopter tours, niche products and much more!

Many years’ experience to flawlessly assist you

We have a broad experience in the tourism industry and event organisation. We have always worked with international clientele that is constantly looking for the highest quality and originality. 

Perfection-oriented, we are able to promptly respond to your requests by guaranteeing professionalism, competency and confidentiality.

From arrival to departure, our team will guide you through Italy ensuring a five-star experience from start to finish. 

Our cosmopolitan, dynamic team speaks at least 7 languages and, depending on your nationality, we select hosts and other partners familiar with your language and culture.

Luxury, bespoke services


Two Italy is specialised in offering high-end and bespoke services, such as:

  • Wedding and party planning;
  • Corporate event planning;
  • Personal shopper and shopping experiences;
  • Exclusive tastings of high-quality local products (olive oil, wine, food, etc.);
  • Reservations of luxury hotels and rental of luxury villas and apartments;
  • Yacht, helicopter and Vespa tours;
  • Personal concierge for all your needs across all over Italy.

Constantly inspired by our surroundings, we capture the Italian sense of style and elegance, and tailor it to create events that reflect your unique style and desires.  

 If you are looking for the finest quality and perfection, without any further thoughts regarding organisational issues we are here for you. Get ready to see a side of Italy no tourist has experienced before!