Top 30 best Italian songs of all times

Part 2

What are the best Italian songs? Those that make you dance, dream, sing and that you can relate to?

From the great classics to the 80s singles, but also to the most recent songs, we handpicked the 30 most beautiful Italian tracks.

You can find all of them on Youtube, Spotify or Amazon Music. It’s time to press play and enjoy!

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Andrea Bocelli

16. Con te partirò (1995)

A true masterpiece.

Ricchi e Poveri

17. Sarà perché ti amo (1981)

“It must be so because I love you”.  This song describes the confusing mix of joy, excitement and craziness when you fall in love, especially when you are young.

We love this part:

“[…]  Io canto al ritmo
Del dolce tuo respiro
È primavera
Sarà perché ti amo” […]

Which can be translated like this:

“I sing at the rhythm
Of your sweet breathing
It’s spring
It must be so because I love you

Tiziano Ferro

18. Perdono (2001)

Perdono is the Italian word for “forgiveness”. Tiziano Ferro’s single had a great success in the whole Europe.

Laura Pausini

19. Volevo dirti che ti amo (2000)

“I wanted to tell you I love you”. Laura Pausini is probably the most beloved Italian female singer. This song describes a passionate, but also down to earth relationship, where mistakes and incomprehension happen sometimes. This is probably best depicted in this part:

Dai miei sbagli soliti
Dal silenzio che ho dentro
E dal mio orgoglio inutile
Da questa voglia che ho di vivere

Volevo dirti che ti amo
Volevo dirti che sei mio
Che non ti cambio con nessuno […]”

The translation:

“From my usual mistakes
From the silence I carry inside
And from my foolish pride
From this zest for life I feel

I wanted to tell you that I love you
I wanted to tell you that you are mine
That I won’t change you for anyone”

Adriano Celentano

20. L’emozione non ha voce

“The emotion has no voice”. This song describes a love relationship that is more mature, but passionate and very emotional at the same time.


Tra le mie braccia dormirai
Ed è importante questo sai
Per sentirci pienamente noi


Un’altra vita mi darai
Che io non conosco
La mia compagna tu sarai
Fino a quando lo vorrai”


The translation:

“You will sleep in my arms
And this is important
So we fully feel ourselves

You will give me another life
That I don’t know
You will be my partner
As long as you want to ” 

Alessandro Safina

21. Luna (2000)

This song and Alessandro Safina’s tenor, deep voice will give you goosebumps.

“Only you can hear my soul, only you can hear my soul…”


Riccardo Fogli

22. Storie di tutti i giorni (1982)

The title can be translated as “everyday stories”. This song is about the stories of the so-called “ordinary” people: people whose life flows monotonously and a little tiredly, or – as the song describes them – without serious trouble, but also without great successes, waiting for a great love that never seems to arrive. These people might perhaps have great ideas but do nothing to realize them. Meanwhile time passes inexorably, and they end up almost inevitably giving in to fatalism, thinking that nothing can ever change.

We see this song actually as an invitation to take action, to change our own stories and make them extraordinary.


23. Gelato al cioccolato (1979)

The title means “Chocolate ice-cream”.

Gigi D’Alessio & Anna Tatangelo

24. Un nuovo bacio (2002)

“A new kiss” .

Umberto Tozzi

25. Gloria (1979)

The song talks both of a man who misses and is waiting for the woman he loves (Gloria).

At the same time, Gloria means glory, and it can also be related to human struggle and desire of achieving glory.

No matter the way you prefer to interpret it, you will fall in love with the energy and wonderful voice of Umberto Tozzi.

Tiziano Ferro

26. Le sere nere (2003)

“The black evenings”.

Black evenings are those when you feel melancholic, sad and somehow empty.

We believe everybody can somehow relate to this song. After all, who has never spent a “black evening” during his life?

Raffaella Carrà

27. A far l’amore comincia tu (1976)

The song became a big national and international hit (it has been translated to several languages including Spanish, German, French and English). The English title is “Do It, Do It Again”.
“A far l’amore comincia tu” has also been covered in Turkish by the popstar Ajda Pekkan as “Sakın Ha” in 1977. During the same year, Carla Bergmann covered the song, the name being changed to “Feed The Fire”.
In 2008 a video of a performance of “Do It, Do It Again” appeared in the Doctor Who episode Midnight.
Raffaella Carrà also worked with Bob Sinclar on the single “Far l’Amore” which was released in 2011 and had a worldwide success.

Massimo Ranieri

28. Perdere l’amore (1988)

The title means “Losing the Love”. The lyrics are romantic, heart-breaking and so relatable at the same time. The song has also been sung by the wonderful Lara Fabian.


Gianna Nannini

29. America (1979)

We love the energy and power of this song.


30. Fai rumore (2020)

“You make noise”.

It happens to everyone to move away from an important person and not be able to accept the sense of emptiness that leaves. This sense of emptiness is almost a noise that often forces us to sadness and inability to react.

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