How to boost your mood during quarantine in 10 easy steps

Here are our (proven) Italian tips to help you stay happy during this challenging period.

It’s been already a month Italy is affected by restrictive measures due to quarantine.
But Italians do not lose their hope and cheer: they sing from their balconies, hang colorful drawings, experiment with new recipes and exercise.

Get out of those pesky trackpants

1. Dress up

Even if you’re not going anywhere, that doesn’t mean you cannot be stylish and sexy. You owe it to yourself. You can definitely wear a cute dress or a comfortable pair of jeans and a nice blouse. You will see that giving up those trackpants and old T-Shirts will immediately make you feel much better.

Sweat, baby!

2. Exercise

We recommend Yoga, Pilates or HIIT. Nowadays you can find plenty of tutorials on Youtube and for most of them you don’t need any equipment. So no excuses. Just think about how great you are going to look in your swimsuit this summer.

Increase your serotonin levels

3. Have a glass of red wine or a herbal tea

Sip a glass of Chianti or Barolo. Red wine is well-known for releasing serotonin, the hormone of happiness :). But don’t exaggerate.
If you don’t drink alcohol, you can have a mood-booster tea: ginger, rooibos, turmeric and green tea are fantastic!

Better than a Netflix series

4. Watch a comedy masterpiece

We recommend “La dolce vita” (1960) directed by Federico Fellini, “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” (1963) directed by Victorio De Sica, “Marriage Italian Style” (1964) – Vittorio De Sica or “The birds. The bees and the Italians” (1966) directed by Pietro Germi.

Pasta, pizza, anyone? 

5. But don’t overeat

We know that food is comforting (especially homemade gnocchi, pizza and pasta with ragù…yumm). You can definitely treat yourself from time to time, but try to keep these dishes for the weekends. Also do not to eat when you’re not hungry.

Spend extra time to set up the table instead: light some candles, add some fresh flowers and use beautiful, colorful plates.


6. Time for a massage

Have a total body relaxing massage. You can ask your partner or even do it yourself. We recommend lavender oil.

The home spa

7. Grab the olive oil

Turn your bathroom into a spa. Light some candles, use essential oils (lavender, vanilla, jasmine, lemon, basil and bergamot will improve your mood). Take a relaxing bath.

Bonus tip: add some drops of extra virgin olive oil to your bath; the warm water will open your pores and the oil will be easily absorbed by the skin. Say hello to your silky, moisturised and rejuvenated skin!

Dance, dance, dance

8. Put on some great Italian music

…or any music you like, as long as it cheers you up and makes you want to dance! Soon we are sharing with you our all-time favorite Italian songs, so stay tuned!

Any plans?

9. Time for some scheduling

Schedule your daily activities ahead. This will prevent getting bored, not knowing what to do and falling into discomfort. 

Bring out the artist in you

10. Get creative!

Draw, learn how to play an instrument, write…the possibilities are endless! There are also many projects you can do with children such as origami, constructions, paper flowers, etc.