How to easily find the perfect veil for your wedding

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The veil is an accessory that in the past was used to symbolise chastity before marriage.
Nowadays some brides choose not to wear it, while many others find that finding the right veil to complement their style and figure is very challenging. It is indeed very confusing when you have to pick between so many models, textures, fabrics and even color shades!

The following tips will help you easily choose the ideal veil for your looks. Are you ready?

The plain veil

1. Find the right balance

If your wedding dress has many embellishments or it’s made of lace, chose a plain veil, that will give you an elegant touch and make you and your dress stand out more;

The embellished veil

2. Elegant and romantic

If your dress is simple, you can wear an embroidered veil. You can choose between tulle and lace (or even Burano lace, to achieve that dramatic and elegant Italian looks);

The multi-layer veil

3. Volume and unique design

Its cascading layers of tulle add a unique and romantic element to your looks. However, pay attention to proportions: a veil that has more layers adds more volume to your figure, and vice-versa;

The short veil

4. Draw the attention to your eyes

Mini veils are more informal and look wonderful on brides that have short hair or wear updos;

The elbow-length veil

5. The classic one

If you want to highlight your face and/or make-up, an ivory elbow veil is the right choice.

The raw edge veil

6. Elegant and minimalistic

A raw edge veil is ideal for the brides who love minimalism. It is elegant, ethereal and elongates the figure.

The knotted veil

7. Boho and chic

Long or short, the knotted veil adds a bohemian and romantic vibe to your looks.

The chapel-length veil

8. Traditional and timeless

The chapel-length or full-length veil will create the illusion of a train, but it’s still very traditional and formal. If you decide to go for it, the groom will need to wear a morning dress /morning coat or a tuxedo (only after 6 p.m.).