Top 5 romantic destinations in Italy

Dreamy, little-known villages, charming towns, unforgettable views

Are you looking for inspiration for Valentine’s Day or a spring fling? 

Italy has so much to offer, from medieval castles to charming hidden beaches and awe-inspiring views of the Tuscan countryside. 

This small guide to the Italian top 5 most romantic destinations will make you want to start packing right away!  


1. Fall in love with its bright-coloured houses and awe-inspiring views

Burano is not only Venice’s heart of lace-making, but also a charming, little island offering incredible views and great food. Burano is situated a little bit off the beaten path by masses of tourists. Therefore it offers much more tranquillity compared to Venice. It is also a great starting point for exploring the entire Venetian archipelago by yacht or boat.  Plus, it’s only at a stone’s throw from Venice.

Where to eat: Trattoria Al Gatto Nero (Fondamenta della Giudecca, 88, Burano).


2. An ancient colourful hamlet 

Charming Manarola is a tiny harbor situated on a high rock 70 metres above sea level, in an area called Cinque Terre. It is featured by an intricate maze of cobbled streets dotted with multicolored houses, cute eateries (offering fresh, succulent seafood) and traditional craft shops. To the north, on the way to Corniglia, there’s a stunning viewpoint on a rocky promontory (Punta Bonfiglio). The grapevines, grown on terraces, embrace the village in a tight hug. The most famous wine is the sweet Sciacchetrà wine.

Don’t miss: the romantic walking path Via dell’Amore that connects Manarola with nearby Riomaggiore.


3. A UNESCO World Heritage Site and the perfect mix of wondrous panoramas, culture and food

Pienza is a tiny village in Tuscany, situated amidst gentle hills and wonderful natural landscapes. It dominates the beautiful valley Val d’Orcia offering extraordinary views.

Pienza is widely known as the “ideal city of the Renaissance”. The humanist Enea Piccolomini, once elected Pope (Pius II), transformed his humble birthplace into an urban-architectural jewel, according to the architectural principles of the great Italian Renaissance.

Pienza is also famous for cheese! The Pecorino of Pienza is a delicious cheese made of sheep’s milk.  Small, charming shops  selling a large variety of pecorino cheese dot the streets. Pair it with other typical local products, such as fine wines, spices or pici (handmade pasta)! Definitely try the famous typical dish:  pici con cacio e pepe (pasta with cheese and pepper).

Where to eat: Osteria Baccus (located on the main street, Via del Casello).

Braies Lake

4. A hidden jewel surrounded by charming mountains

This lake is absolutely beautiful during any time of the year.  In summer its colors shade from green to sky-blue, while in winter the lake is covered with ice and snow. 

From June to the end of September you can hire romantic, nostalgic rowing boats that for 100 years had been the only way to reach the Southern shores of the lake. We recommend getting there as early as you can (preferably before 9:30 am, when the boathouse opens), to avoid crowds.

In winter the Lake Braies (aka Pragser Wildsee) is a great starting point for ski tours, hikes and other fun and interesting activities.
You can also enjoy this fairytale-like scenery by hiking on the easy trail surrounding the lake (4 km).



5. “The pearl of the islands and peninsulas”

The Latin poet Catullus praised this dreamy village situated on the shores of the crystal-clear Lake Garda.

Sirmione offers antique Roman ruins, a majestic medieval castle, awe-inspiring views, frescoed churches and magnificent villas.

Its winding streets are full of delicious restaurants and attractive little shops. Thanks to its favorable position, Sirmione is an ideal spot for water sports and tours of the Lake Garda.

Explore Italy


Some of the things that come to mind when thinking about Italy are culinary delights, fine wine, luxury spas, wondrous panoramas

Unveil the secrets of this beautiful country with our experiences and guided tours! We would love to tell you more about its rich history, culture and lifestyle, and show you the best of what Italy has to offer.

There are various ways to enjoy the outstanding panoramas, from simple walks, hiking the mountain trails, bike tours, yacht tours or aerial unforgettabe views from a helicopter.

Italy is really a destination that can offer incredible experiences, and we are hear to make your dreams come true.

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