Three small northern Italian towns you will adore

Have you ever thought of visiting this beautiful country by going slightly off the beaten path?

Italy has a lot to offer and there are many enchanting towns and villages that deserve your attention.

For this reason, we decided to share with you some less-known, quiet and charming small Italian towns, starting from the north of Italy and going southern. They are amazing destinations to keep in mind for when you will be able to start travelling again.


Treviso is an ancient town situated about 40 km from Venice. 

It was founded by the Romans, but had its main development during the Middle Ages and the Venetian Rule. The charming city centre is surrounded by walls dating back to the Middle Ages.
Besides visiting the main attractions (ancient, frescoed cathedrals and churches, such as the Duomo, the church of Saint Nicholas “San Niccolò”, the tiny church of Saint Lucia and the church of San Francesco), make sure to stroll along the winding streets that face the picturesque canals created by the arms of the river Sile. You will be able to enjoy charming views of the town.

When you’re tired, sit on a bar terrace by the river in the Pescheria area and have a Spritz – it’s the most famous Italian cocktail, and the first one was actually made in Treviso.

Another thing you need to try in Treviso is the Tiramisù. This famous Italian dessert is also originally from this area and, if you have a sweet tooth, your taste buds will surely have a memorable experience.


Where to eat: Ristorante Le beccherie. This restaurant is one of the oldest in Treviso, but it has been recently re-designed in a contemporary style. The cuisine offers traditional dishes with a modern twist, and guess what is their signature dessert?
Tip: try to get a table overlooking the river, you will enjoy a romantic view!

Treviso with view over the river
Tiramisù in a cup
Treviso street view

2. Bassano del Grappa

Bassano is a small gem of culture, art and history, where time seems to flow at a slower pace. This town is mainly known in Italy for its impressive wooden bridge (called Ponte degli Alpini), from which you can enjoy a gorgeous view over the river. You will love strolling around the old town, visiting the antiquity boutiques and enjoying a cocktail.

The signature cocktail of Bassano is called “Mezzo e mezzo”, and you won’t find it elsewhere!  It has been created by the Nardini distillery, and the best spot to taste it is in their charming bar, situated right after the wooden bridge. The locals usually drink their glass(es) of Mezzo e Mezzo while chatting and standing outside. However, the view from the windows of the bar is enchanting and definitely unmissable.

Where to eat: definitely have lunch at Ristorante Birraria Ottone (address: Via Giacomo Matteotti, 48/50). You will love the traditional, regional cuisine and the atmosphere that seems to take you back in time.

View over the river
Mezzo e mezzo Ferrara
View Bassano del Grappa

3. Ferrara

The old town of Ferrara is rich in ancient buildings and historical villas. There is also an impressive, moated medieval castle that has been very well preserved. We really recommend visiting it, in particular the Gothic Rooms, featured by frescoed cross-vaulted ceilings. You can also enjoy a panoramic view from the castle tower.  

Another reason to visit Ferrara is the traditional regional cuisine. Emilia-Romagna is a region that is well-known in Italy for its delicious cuisine. We recommend trying the Gnocco Fritto (fried dough that is served hot and steaming), that you can try by itself or with local cheese and cold cuts, and the “Pasticcio di maccheroni alla ferrarese”. This latter dish can only be found in Ferrara, and looks like a pie with a slightly sweet crust and filled with pasta, ragù, béchamel sauce and truffles. 

Where to eat: Ca d’Frara, Trattoria moderna.  The furnishings are contemporary, yet the atmosphere is cosy and warm. They serve delicious regional dishes, including pasticcio, capellacci di zucca (pasta filled with pumpkin purée) and gnocco fritto

Architecture in Ferrara
Pasticcio di maccheroni alla Ferrarese
Beautiful frescoed ceiling

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Italy is really a destination that can offer incredible experiences, and we are hear to make your dreams come true.

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