Top 30 best Italian songs of all times

Part 1

What are the best Italian songs? Those that make you dance, dream, sing and that you can relate to?

For centuries Italy has been associated with singing: first for the opera, then for the Neapolitan songs and the great hits of the post-war period, such as those of Modugno.

Just for you we’ve tried to make a chart of the 30 best Italian songs of all times.

From the great classics to the 80s singles, but also to the most recent songs, we handpicked most beautiful Italian songs, some of which became famous in the whole world. 

You can find all of them on Youtube, Spotify or Amazon Music. It’s time to press play and enjoy!

Domenico Modugno

1. Nel blu dipinto di blu (1958)

Also known as “Volare” (which means “to fly”), the original title can be translated with “In the blue-painted blue (sky)”. This is probably the most famous Italian song of all times. 

Adriano Celentano

2. Azzurro (1968)

The song describes a summer in the city, in which the singer feels lonely and misses the girl he loves.

The chorus goes:

Il pomeriggio è troppo azzurro
E lungo per me
Mi accorgo
Di non avere più risorse
Senza di te
E allora
Io quasi quasi prendo il treno
E vengo, vengo da te” […]

Which can be translated like this:

The afternoon is too long and blue for me
I realize
I am not having enough resources anymore
without you,
and so
I’m about to take the train
and I’m coming to you” […]


3. Baila Morena (2001)

Baila Morena was twice released as a single: initially in 2001 – with the title “Baila (Sexy Thing)”, and in 2006 as a duet with the Mexican rock band Maná. This latter version was used as the soundtrack of the film Les Bronzés 3: Amis pour la vie (French Fried Vacation 3 – Friends Forever), becoming a huge hit in France and Belgium.

“Baila, baila morena
Sotto questa luna piena
Under the moonlight” […]

Tony Renis

4. Quando, quando, quando (1962)

This is another classic and wonderful love song. 

“Dimmi quando tu verrai,
dimmi quando… quando… quando…
l’anno, il giorno e l’ora in cui
forse tu mi bacerai…


Ogni istante attenderò,
fino a quando… quando… quando…
d’improvviso ti vedrò
sorridente accanto a me!”  […]

The translation: 

“Tell me when you will come
Tell me when, when, when
The year, the day and the hour when
Maybe you will kiss me

I will wait every moment
Until when when when
Suddenly I’ll see you
Smiling beside me…” […]


5. La vita è (2000)

Sometimes we don’t realise how much we love someone, don’t we?
This song describes the feeling of the author of having just realised how much he loves a wonderful woman and his gratitude to the fortune.

“La vita è avere te
Pensarti e saperti mia
Temevo di sbagliare io
E invece sei il mondo mio
E capisco perché se ti vedo esisto
Non c’è gusto senza te


È chiaro adesso
Ora riesco ad essere me stesso
Nella vita tu sei il mio successo
Io che con l’amore non ci avevo preso mai
Davvero mai”  […]

The translation:

“Life is having you
Is thinking of you and knowing you are mine
I was afraid of being wrong
But you are my world
and I understand why if I see you, I exist
Life is no fun/pointless without you


It is clear now
Now I can really be myself
You are my success in life
I have never been really in love before
Never, really” […]

Eros Ramazzotti

6. Fuoco nel fuoco (2000)

The title can be translated as “Fire on fire” and the song describes a passionate love, which burns like a fire.

Al Bano & Romina Power

7. Felicità (1982)

“Felicità” means “happiness”, and this song is all about the happiness you can find in simple things as you are in love:

È tenersi per mano andare lontano, la felicità
E il tuo sguardo innocente in mezzo alla gente, la felicità
È restare vicini come bambini, la felicità
Felicità”  […]

The translation:

is holding hands and going away together
is an innocent look, in the middle of a crowd
is staying close like children,
” […]

Toto Cutugno

8. L’italiano (1983)

This song is worldwide known also as “lasciatemi cantare” (let me sing), and it contains the essence of what being Italian at the time (and even today) meant.
Here is the translation of a part of its wonderful lyrics:

“Let me sing
With the guitar in my hand
Let me sing I’m an Italian
Good morning Italy, spaghetti al dente
” […]

Renato Carosone

9. Tu vuò fà l’americano (1956)

“Tu vuò fà l’americano” is sang in the beautiful and melodic Neapolitan language.

The song combines swing and jazz and the lyrics are about an Italian who is having a contemporary American lifestyle, drinking whisky and soda, dancing to rock ‘n roll, playing baseball and smoking Camel cigarettes, but who still depends on his parents for money.

The song was inspired by the American dream, while at that time Italian communities were still based on traditional and rural values.

Nowadays several versions of this song have been released by international artists. One of them is “We no speak Americano” by Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP. 

Il Volo

10. Grande amore (2015)

The band has a very unique style, described as “popera”.

“Grande Amore” means “big love” and the song is a real declaration of a universal and always actual love.

Vasco Rossi

11. Come stai (2004)

This rock song is a criticism to people that don’t like taking responsibilities and do not realize they are not doing themselves a favor this way.

“Come stai?
Ti distingui dall’uomo comune
Ti piace vivere come vuoi
E rispondi solo a te” […]


Here is the translation:

“How are you?
You distinguish yourself from the common person 

You like to live as you want
And answer to anyone but yourself
” […]

Ricchi e Poveri

12. Che sarà (1971)

The title can be translated as “What Will Be”. The lyrics describe the singer’s sadness for having to leave his native village (Cortona, a small town in Tuscany). His feelings can be understood by all those people who emigrated or had to move somewhere else.

At the same time, these verses express hope and invite not to worry about what will happen tomorrow:

“…che sarà della mia vita chi lo sa
so far tutto o forse niente
da domani si vedrà
e sarà sarà quel che sarà” […]


The translation:

“…who knows how my life is going to be/what is going to happen in my life
I know how to do everything or maybe nothing
Tomorrow we’ll see
And whatever will be, will be”

Andrea Bocelli & Giorgia

13. Vivo per lei (1995)

The title means “I live for her”, and the lyrics are characterized by the fact that lei (“her”) is a metaphor of the music. 
The song was also released as a duet with other female artists, including Marta Sánchez in Spanish-speaking countries, Hélène Ségara in francophone countries, Judy Weiss in German-speaking countries and Sandy in Brazilian Portuguese.

Tiziano Ferro

14. Rosso Relativo (2002)

Rosso Relativo is probably Tiziano Ferro’s most famous song.

Gigi D’Alessio & Lara Fabian

15. Un cuore malato (2007)

Another outstanding duet. “An ill heart” is a song about a relationship that ended, but love still exists:

“Un cuore malato fa male perché
Batte forte soltanto per te
E sa che una speranza non c’è” […]

“A broken heart hurts
Because it beats hard only for you
And it knows that there is no hope” 

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