Get pampered in the most beautiful Italian spas

Get pampered in the most beautiful Italian spas


In the most exclusive Italian spas!

Pamper yourself

In the Italian luxury spa hotels & resorts

Saunas, Aufguss Rituals, Turkish Baths

Flush toxins and relieve stress in a luxury spa!  Our team has carefully selected the most exclusive, well-equipped and beautiful spas in Italy, in order to make sure your experience will be top-notch.

Some of the spas we recommend are featured by natural hot springs that have been once used by the ancient Romans! 

Thermal water, mud, expert hands

Enjoy a thermal mud treatment, which is a source of well-being for regenerating body and mind.  We select resorts providing thermal mud enriched with precious and natural anti-inflammatory elements.   

Well-being, lightness, deep relaxation – these are some of the words chosen by our clients to describe this experience. 

Anti-aging treatments

What is the Italian for fine lines? Arrivederci! We make sure that you will enjoy only the highest quality, luxury treatments: cleansing, clay masks, anti-stress massages,  radiofrequency sessions and much more! 

A spa treatment dedicated to the face is an incomparable experience. Get ready for a firmer, plumper and glowing skin! 

Relaxing views

What is more relaxing than taking some time for yourself, admiring an outstanding view and listening to the sounds of nature?

Wondrous nature

Most of the resorts we suggest are plunged into an awe-inspiring nature, providing a relaxing and romantic setting for your Italian spa experience.


Venetian palaces and villas, charming towns, ancient castles…

Depending on your heart’s desires, we will tailor your experience to make sure it will suit your wishes! 



Let us know when are you planning your trip to Italy, and if you have any particular preferences, and we will be happy to send you our proposals!

According to the area you will be in, we will propose you the spas and the activities that suit your wishes. 

Olive oil tasting experience

Olive oil tasting experience

Join Us

Taste the best Italian olive oil

Join Us

Taste the best Italian olive oil



 Oil tasting

Niche, organic and traditional frantoi (mills) are waiting for you to taste their mouthwatering, high-quality oil. You will also be able to see the olive harvest, and how olives are being traditionally pressed*. 

*depending on the period of the year.


Traditional appetiziers

Your tasting will be accompanied by traditional appetizers made with the highest-quality ingredients: fragrant bruschette, crunchy taralli, delicious pasta…. Olive oil is a primary ingredient of all of them! 


You will be able to admire some of the most breathtaking regions of Italy, offering endless possibilities to have fun, relax and plunge in the Italian culture! Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a tailor-made proposal!


Tuscan olive oil is probably one of the most renowned and preferred Italian oils. However, very few people know that each Tuscan landscape has its own olive culture: Florence and the Chianti Hills, Grosseto and the enchanting Maremma region, Siena and its picturesque countryside and charming colours….
We will accompany you to traditional, small frantoi (mills), that have the tastiest olive oil you’ve ever tried.


Umbria is the green heart of Italy, and its enchanting landscape is featured by gentle hills dotted by olive trees.  In Umbria the production of olive oil has ancient origins. The result is a delicious, high-quality product.  In this beautiful Italian region we would love to show you mills that produce organic olive oil, boutiques that make handicraft products made of olive wood, small restaurants offering delicious food, and much more! 

Garda Lake

The olive oil produced on the shores of Lake Garda is made at its most northerly point in the world, thanks to the wonderful microclimate of this beautiful Lake. The result is a prestigious oil, rich in chlorophyll and harmonious to the taste.
There are plenty of other activities we would love to organise for you in this area: sailing, bike tours, romantic dinners on a yacht and much more!


Olive oil has always been a symbol of Italian cuisine, and has played a very important part in people’s nutrition since Roman times.
Nowadays Italy is the second largest producer of olive oil in the world. Many Italian producers have a 100-year-old family tradition! We would love to show you how freshly picked olives are pressed and turned into Italy’s liquid gold, that you can taste on delicious bruschettas toasted on fire.


Olive Oil is rich of vitamins E, K and fatty acids  (Omega-6 and Omega-3).        Olive oil reduces inflammation and several studies show that it can improve cognitive functions, especially among older adults. Contrary to popular belief, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is quite resistant to high heat, which makes it a healthy choice for cooking.


Olive oil is rich in antioxidants that have anti-aging properties.          Even the fabulous Italian actress Sophia Loren has  expressed her predilection for olive oil. Apparently, she’s been using it both in her daily diet, and for her skincare routine. She admitted to add a few tablespoons to her baths and also to rub a small amount into her skin as a natural moisturizer 


Olive Oil Tasting Experience

We decided to focus on three areas that are well-known for olive oil production and the beauty of their natural landscape: Garda Lake, Tuscany and Umbria. 

Please let us know in which of these areas would you like to have the oil tasting experience and your availability, and we will send you a personalised proposal! 

Shopping experience

Shopping experience

Shop at

the most exclusive Italian boutiques

Shop at

the most exclusive Italian boutiques

Get ready for your

Italian fashion experience


Milan is one of the world’s leading cities for fashion. In its trendy ateliers, luxury boutiques and even outlets you can find amazing unique pieces, that will become the staples of your exclusive wardrobe.

We will start from Via Montenapoleone, one of the most famous shopping streets in the world, and then continue with less renowned, but nonetheless exclusive and interesting areas.

Our experienced personal shopper will make sure that you will find high-quality pieces, that flatter your body type and colours and complement your style.

We will also suggest you some of the trendiest restaurants and cafés, for an unforgettable experience in the capital of Italian fashion! 



A personal shopper will accompany you through the intricate network of Venetian calli (streets), where you will find hidden and unique gems: niche ateliers, traditional handicraft shops, luxury boutiques…
Some of these places are off the beaten path and are only known by locals, but in Venice there are also many boutiques of famous international brands.

Thanks to our assistance, you will be able to purchase high-quality, exclusive and even bespoke pieces.

We will make sure to tailor this experience according to your needs, and can also show you our favorite restaurants and other unforgettable places offering breathtaking views.


Who said that outlets are a synonym of poor quality?

Well, some of them are, but not the ones that our team has carefully selected for you!

A private driver and personal shopper will accompany you to outlets that offer high-quality and interesting pieces.

We focus on northern Italy, where our knowledge of worth-visiting shopping destinations is extensive.

Some of the outlet stores we recommend are located in small towns, and are only known by locals.

Make sure to combine this fashion tour to a gourmet food or wine degustation experience, and your day will be absolutely perfect!

Shopping experience

More information


This experience is aimed at both men and women who are interested in the elegant and fashionable Italian style, and want to find high-quality clothing.

Shopping alone is boring! We will make sure that you will have fun, while finding flattering and beautiful, unique pieces.

A personal shopper will help you save time and turn heads with your new outfits.

In order to get more information about the costs, please send us an email with the number of persons and the city you would like to focus on and we will get in touch with a personalized offer!

We are available in Milan, Venice, and smaller north-Italian towns, located near the Garda Lake and between the above-mentioned cities. 

Why choose us? 

You will look amazing 

A personal shopper will not only help you find the best pieces for any occasion, that flatter your body type, your eye-, skin- and hair color, but will also carefully check the fabrics and quality of every single item.

Safety and comfort

Sometimes being alone in a new city could be dangerous, especially for a woman.

We will accompany you by foot or private car, making sure that your experience will be comfortable, stress-free and safe! 

You will save time (and money)

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the shopping destinations in Italy, we are able to help you find what you are looking for in a short amount of time. Also, we will show you boutiques that offer premium pieces for a lower price than you might expect.

6 reasons to visit Italy during Carnival

6 reasons to visit Italy during Carnival

Join Us

For an extraordinary experience!

Join Us

For an extraordinary experience!

Carnival in Italy means…

 1. Fun

Fun, opulence and extravagance are the words that best describe the masquerade balls that are held during Carnival.

Our team would be delighted to suggest and book for you the tickets for the most exclusive Venetian balls. We can also organise your own private party in an outstanding setting in northern Italy!

2. Glamour

Catch everyone’s eyes! Wear an authentic Venetian costume, that has been hand-sewn by local tailors, using precious and exclusive fabrics! You will feel like a real Venetian aristocrat!

Two Italy would be happy to introduce you the most exclusive boutiques.

3. Tasty treats

Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, you won’t be able to resist the mouthwatering frittelle (dough fritters) and galani (crispy, paper-thin fried sheets of sweetened dough). They are also called chiacchiere, crostoli or bugie, depending on the region). Both of these dishes have ancient origins and are absolutely unmissable!

4. Exciting mistery

In the past the Venetian Carnival encouraged licentiousness and pleasure. During this time everyone had the chance to have fun, because they were wearing masks that made them unrecognizable.
Nowadays the narrow streets, the canals and the awe-inspiring buildings, coupled with the fog rising above the lagoon still inspire romantic fantasies.

5. Ancient traditions

One of the most unusual Carnival traditions is the Battle of Oranges (which is a real food fight involving around half a million kg of oranges), held in the town Ivrea.

The Battle of Oranges re-invokes a civil war between the citizens of Ivrea. It took place in the XVIII century, and nowadays fills the town with fantastic colours and perfumes.

6. Unforgettable experiences

Impressive floats that are straight out of fairy tales, the festive atmosphere, and the explosion of colors feature the Carnival of Cento. Cento is also a gorgeous town, offering its visitors plenty of historical gems, mouthwatering food and fine wine. We would love to show you the best of this town and its surroundings, making sure that your experience will be truly unforgettable.


We Do Private Parties


Are you planning a private Carnival party in the north of Italy? we will make sure that you and your guests plunge in the Italian culture and have lots of fun!

Our portfolio is an eclectic mix of stunning locations. Whether your style is luxurious, unique, chic, or opulent, our team is here to surprise you and transform your wishes into a real, outstanding experience.

Every Italian region celebrates Carnival and almost every town has its own peculiar traditions.

Here are some of the most ancient and impressive Carnival celebrations:


The first document attesting the celebration of Carnival in Venice is 900 years old. However, its roots are probably even more ancient, dating back to the Romans.
In the XVII century, the baroque Carnival was a way to project the prestigious image of Venice in the world. At that time, Venice was famous for its talented artists, but also for its licentiousness, its irresponsible entertainment and its lavish private parties. Giacomo Casanova was one of the protagonists of that time.
For a long period Carnival started in October and ended before the Lent. Nowadays it lasts for about two weeks, but the most intense days are between Giovedì grasso and Martedì grasso (the last week from Thursday to the following Tuesday).


The spirit of the Carnival of Ivrea lies in the commemoration of a popular uprising against the Marquis of Monferrato, who was starving the city.

According to the legend, the heroism of Violetta, a miller’s daughter, freed the people from tyranny. Rebelling against the droit du seigneur that the Marquis insisted upon, Violetta killed him with his own sword, and the famous Battle of the Oranges recalls this uprising. Anyone can become a spectator of this battle, but you must take into consideration that you could suffer from injuries. 

Ivrea is situated in a delightful corner of Piedmont featured by natural, historical and artistic treasures, such as wondrous panoramas, castles, ancient towers and churches.


The Offida Carnival is very ancient and still follows the same calendar since its origins. Its official opening is on 17th January.
Carnival in Offida is not passive: everybody is completely involved in an authentic folk celebration where enjoyment is compulsory.
The most typical mask is the guazzarò (a white linen tunic to be worn with a red neckerchief). On Shrove Friday is celebrated the Lu Bov Fint, a fictitious bullfight, recalling an ancient tradition brought by the Spanish domination. A false bull is made out of a wooden frame covered by a white and red cloth. It is followed by a crowd of running people wearing the guazzarò.                                Another impressive ritual is the Vlurd.
It consists of a parade where people carry big bundles of reeds and straw (called Vlurd) on their shoulders. The parade ends in the main square, where people build an enormous bonfire. They dance and sing around the fire, until it extinguishes.
The extinguishing of fire is a metaphor for the end of Carnival and the beginning of Lent.


The Carnival of Cento has been documented since 1600, thanks to frescoes made by the famous painter Gian Francesco Barbieri, known as “Guercino”.  Skilled craftsmen manifest our dreams and fears by creating impressive parade floats. Music and dancing figures in masks accompany the floats along the quaint streets of Cento.

One of the distinctive features of the Carnival of Cento is the gettito: people wearing masks throw balloons, candies and toys from the floats towards the public.

In 1993 this Carnival was officially twinned with the Carnival of Rio, and every year since then the floats are taken to the Brazilian parade.

Italian Cooking Class

Italian Cooking Class

Learn how to

Easily prepare delicious Italian dishes

Learn how to

Easily prepare delicious Italian dishes

Italian chefs

Will unveil their most important cooking secrets


The way to a person’s heart is through the stomach. There is no best way to impress your beloved one, than by cooking a delicious Italian dinner. 

Easily learn how to cook traditional Italian dishes

Cooking is fun! Prepare traditional Italian dishes with real chefs, that will tell you the secrets of cooking perfect, mouthwatering Italian food! After cooking you can finally sit down and enjoy your delicious meal! Buon appetito! 

Cook like an Italian

Minimum number of participants: 2

Please let us know in advance if you have any food allergies or restrictions.

Send us an email with the period you are in Italy and in which city, and we will provide you with more information!

Italian wine tasting with a sommelier

Italian wine tasting with a sommelier

Become a wine expert

Taste the finest Italian wines!

Become a wine expert

Taste the finest Italian wines!


Fabulous Italian Wine

Wine tasting

Visit the most exclusive and refined Italian wineries and enjoy a selection of their best wines! Upon request, we can also make you taste vintage and rare wine bottles, that normally aren’t provided by the wineries.  A real sommelier will accompany you and unveil the secrets of wine tasting.

Traditional appetiziers

Your tasting will be accompanied by mouthwatering traditional appetizers, that will vary according to the region: homemade cheese and cold cuts, bruschettas, taralli, etc. Your taste buds will be delighted! 


Get ready for awe-inspiring panoramas, endless views of sunny hill slopes covered by wineyards, ancient castles, elegant renaissance villas and palaces…your wine tasting experience can be accompanied by a visit to the local gems, for a trully unforgettable Italian experience. 

More info

Wine tasting experience


Minimum nr. of participants: 1 adult.

Please let us know in advance if you have any allergies or food restrictions, so we can make sure that your experience will be flawless.

Email us with the region you are visiting (kindly check the table below) and your availability, and we will get in touch with a customised offer.


Italy has a rich history of winemaking. Every region has its own local vines, and every winery has its unique blends. We decided to focus on the following Italian regions, were we have carefully selected high-quality and niche wineries.

Find out more about some of the most famous traditional wine of each region:


  • The sparkling white Franciacorta DOCG wine, made by the traditional method. Wines from this area have ancient traditions, documented in Brescia City council books as “Franzacurta” as far back as in 1277.
  • The deep, rich crimson-colored Valtellina superiore. The alpine area of Valtellina is trully enchanting.


This region is probably the queen of winemaking. Some of the most famous and prestigious Italian wines come from Tuscany:

  • The red Chianti, symbol of Tuscany;
  • The red Brunello di Montalcino;
  • The white Vernaccia di San Gimignano. If you haven’t visited San Gimignano before, you should definitely do it now! 


  • The noble red wine Barolo, which must be aged at least for 38 months. Each bottle of Barolo has its own precise character :);
  • The elegant, young and classy Barbera d’Asti;
  • The red Barbaresco.


Trentino and South Tyrol

  • The white Alto Adige DOC Gewürztraminer;
  • The red Teroldego. Teroldego may take its name from the German dialect for “gold of the Tyrol”. Another theory credits a northern Italian village called Teroldege, or Teroldeghe, where documents dated in the 15th century refer to the sale of Teroldego wine.


Emilia Romagna

  • The red Lambrusco. The most popular is the frizzante (slightly sparkling). Nowadays there are various levels of dryness/ sweetness, including secco (bone dry/ dry), amabile (off-dry/ sweet) and dolce (very sweet). Sweet Lambrusco became very popular in the USA in the late 1970s-1980s, reaching over 13 million cases exported to the country in 1985.
  • Romagna Superiore DOC, featured by a ruby red color and a delicate perfume of violets.  



  • The rich, dry red wine Amarone della Valpolicella;
  • The still, white and elegant Soave Classico. Soave was one of the first areas in Italy to be recognized in 1931 by Royal Decree as having the potential for producing fine wines;
  • The sparkling white Prosecco Superiore, that can only be made in the gentle and beautiful hills between the towns of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene.


  • The red Montefalco Rosso, which must be aged a minimum of 18 months;
  • The red Montefalco Sagrantino, which has a very unique taste. It must be made entirely from Sagrantino grapes and requires a minimum of 37 months ageing before release. The Sagrantino vine is low-yielding, thus the production of Montefalco Sagrantino is still relatively limited;
  • The white still Trebbiano Spoletino. The Trebbiano vine may have originated in the Eastern Mediterranean, and was known in Italy already during Roman times.

Friuli Venezia-Giulia

This region is famous for its great white wines, but makes also red wines of an undisputed high quality.
Some of the white wines:

  • Collio DOC, produced in the Italian part of the Gorizia Hills. The name “Collio” comes from the Italian word colli which means hillsides, and describes the terrain of the Collio Goriziano region.
  • Colli Orientali del Friuli DOC, produced in an area where viticulture has existed since Roman times.
  • Among the red wines, one of the most well-known is the Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso. This grape variety was well known in ancient times and has been praised already in the First century by the Roman writer Pliny the Elder, for the high quality of wine it produced.