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Taste the best Italian olive oil

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Taste the best Italian olive oil



 Oil tasting

Niche, organic and traditional frantoi (mills) are waiting for you to taste their mouthwatering, high-quality oil. You will also be able to see the olive harvest, and how olives are being traditionally pressed*. 

*depending on the period of the year.


Traditional appetiziers

Your tasting will be accompanied by traditional appetizers made with the highest-quality ingredients: fragrant bruschette, crunchy taralli, delicious pasta…. Olive oil is a primary ingredient of all of them! 


You will be able to admire some of the most breathtaking regions of Italy, offering endless possibilities to have fun, relax and plunge in the Italian culture! Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a tailor-made proposal!


Tuscan olive oil is probably one of the most renowned and preferred Italian oils. However, very few people know that each Tuscan landscape has its own olive culture: Florence and the Chianti Hills, Grosseto and the enchanting Maremma region, Siena and its picturesque countryside and charming colours….
We will accompany you to traditional, small frantoi (mills), that have the tastiest olive oil you’ve ever tried.


Umbria is the green heart of Italy, and its enchanting landscape is featured by gentle hills dotted by olive trees.  In Umbria the production of olive oil has ancient origins. The result is a delicious, high-quality product.  In this beautiful Italian region we would love to show you mills that produce organic olive oil, boutiques that make handicraft products made of olive wood, small restaurants offering delicious food, and much more! 

Garda Lake

The olive oil produced on the shores of Lake Garda is made at its most northerly point in the world, thanks to the wonderful microclimate of this beautiful Lake. The result is a prestigious oil, rich in chlorophyll and harmonious to the taste.
There are plenty of other activities we would love to organise for you in this area: sailing, bike tours, romantic dinners on a yacht and much more!


Olive oil has always been a symbol of Italian cuisine, and has played a very important part in people’s nutrition since Roman times.
Nowadays Italy is the second largest producer of olive oil in the world. Many Italian producers have a 100-year-old family tradition! We would love to show you how freshly picked olives are pressed and turned into Italy’s liquid gold, that you can taste on delicious bruschettas toasted on fire.


Olive Oil is rich of vitamins E, K and fatty acids  (Omega-6 and Omega-3).        Olive oil reduces inflammation and several studies show that it can improve cognitive functions, especially among older adults. Contrary to popular belief, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is quite resistant to high heat, which makes it a healthy choice for cooking.


Olive oil is rich in antioxidants that have anti-aging properties.          Even the fabulous Italian actress Sophia Loren has  expressed her predilection for olive oil. Apparently, she’s been using it both in her daily diet, and for her skincare routine. She admitted to add a few tablespoons to her baths and also to rub a small amount into her skin as a natural moisturizer 


Olive Oil Tasting Experience

We decided to focus on three areas that are well-known for olive oil production and the beauty of their natural landscape: Garda Lake, Tuscany and Umbria. 

Please let us know in which of these areas would you like to have the oil tasting experience and your availability, and we will send you a personalised proposal!