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the most exclusive Italian boutiques

Shop at

the most exclusive Italian boutiques

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Milan is one of the world’s leading cities for fashion. In its trendy ateliers, luxury boutiques and even outlets you can find amazing unique pieces, that will become the staples of your exclusive wardrobe.

We will start from Via Montenapoleone, one of the most famous shopping streets in the world, and then continue with less renowned, but nonetheless exclusive and interesting areas.

Our experienced personal shopper will make sure that you will find high-quality pieces, that flatter your body type and colours and complement your style.

We will also suggest you some of the trendiest restaurants and cafés, for an unforgettable experience in the capital of Italian fashion! 



A personal shopper will accompany you through the intricate network of Venetian calli (streets), where you will find hidden and unique gems: niche ateliers, traditional handicraft shops, luxury boutiques…
Some of these places are off the beaten path and are only known by locals, but in Venice there are also many boutiques of famous international brands.

Thanks to our assistance, you will be able to purchase high-quality, exclusive and even bespoke pieces.

We will make sure to tailor this experience according to your needs, and can also show you our favorite restaurants and other unforgettable places offering breathtaking views.


Who said that outlets are a synonym of poor quality?

Well, some of them are, but not the ones that our team has carefully selected for you!

A private driver and personal shopper will accompany you to outlets that offer high-quality and interesting pieces.

We focus on northern Italy, where our knowledge of worth-visiting shopping destinations is extensive.

Some of the outlet stores we recommend are located in small towns, and are only known by locals.

Make sure to combine this fashion tour to a gourmet food or wine degustation experience, and your day will be absolutely perfect!

Shopping experience

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This experience is aimed at both men and women who are interested in the elegant and fashionable Italian style, and want to find high-quality clothing.

Shopping alone is boring! We will make sure that you will have fun, while finding flattering and beautiful, unique pieces.

A personal shopper will help you save time and turn heads with your new outfits.

In order to get more information about the costs, please send us an email with the number of persons and the city you would like to focus on and we will get in touch with a personalized offer!

We are available in Milan, Venice, and smaller north-Italian towns, located near the Garda Lake and between the above-mentioned cities. 

Why choose us? 

You will look amazing 

A personal shopper will not only help you find the best pieces for any occasion, that flatter your body type, your eye-, skin- and hair color, but will also carefully check the fabrics and quality of every single item.

Safety and comfort

Sometimes being alone in a new city could be dangerous, especially for a woman.

We will accompany you by foot or private car, making sure that your experience will be comfortable, stress-free and safe! 

You will save time (and money)

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the shopping destinations in Italy, we are able to help you find what you are looking for in a short amount of time. Also, we will show you boutiques that offer premium pieces for a lower price than you might expect.